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The Butterfly Celebration An alternative to throwing rice, release live butterflies at your wedding. The Butterfly Celebration
Florida Monarch Fill the sky with a release of beautiful monarch butterflies and make your wedding or other special occasion a truly memorable event. Florida Monarch
The Monarchy Live butterflies for release at special events. The Monarchy
A Butterfly Affaire Live butterflies for release at special events. Also sells products, invitations, gifts and favors for a butterfly themed wedding. A Butterfly Affaire
Clearwater Butterfly Offers live butterflies for release at weddings or other special occasions. Clearwater Butterfly
Flutterbies Live Monarchs for release and display at all occasions. Also offers mounted butterfly art and invitations. Flutterbies
Lilies Of The Field Live monarch or mixed butterflies for release and display. Lilies Of The Field
Butterfly-Whispers Hand reared certified live monarch butterflies available for release at events. Butterfly-Whispers
Butterfly Haven Add a special touch to your occasion with live butterflies to release. Butterfly Haven
Monarchs Alive Celebrate your marriage with live monarch and painted lady butterflies. Monarchs Alive
Flutter Farm Butterflies Raises butterflies for release at special events. Includes contact information and products. Located in Winters, Texas. Flutter Farm Butterflies
Butterfly Wings n' Wishes Raise live Painted Lady Butterflies to help you celebrate the special occasions in your life. Butterfly Wings n' Wishes
Whispering Wings Butterfly Farm Butterflies of several varieties for special events. Educational presentations and training available locally, in the southeast Massachusetts, USA, area. Sells kits for raising one's own butterfly. Whispering Wings Butterfly Farm
Amazing Butterflies Butterfly releases for special events. Offers live butterflies or pupae for exhibits. Amazing Butterflies
Berkshire Butterflies Beautiful live monarchs and painted ladies for all occasions. Berkshire Butterflies
Butterflies Over Hawaii Offers butterflies for release at your life's special occasions. Butterflies Over Hawaii
Swallowtail Farms Monarch butterflies available for special occasions. Swallowtail Farms
Magical Beginnings Butterfly Farms Provides Monarch butterflies to be released at special events. Magical Beginnings Butterfly Farms
International Butterfly Breeders Association Organization for butterfly breeders or butterfly farmers who raise live butterflies for release and butterfly education. Members specialize in wedding releases and butterfly releases for special events. International Butterfly Breeders Association
London Pupae Supplies Specialist breeders and suppliers of exotic butterfly and moth pupae. London Pupae Supplies
ButterflyBouquets Butterflies for display or release. ButterflyBouquets
Flutter Bugs Butterflies for special occasions. Flutter Bugs
Kirkwood Butterfly Company Butterflies available year-round for releases at weddings. Kirkwood Butterfly Company
Butterflies in Bloom Monarch butterflies for release or display. Butterflies in Bloom
Butterfly Release Live Butterflies for Release at weddings and special occasions. Hand deliver anywhere in Palm Beach County (Florida) or ship overnight to states east of the Rocky Mountains. Butterfly Release
Blessed Wings Butterfly release and release accessories including exclusive butterfly release boxes and butterfly favors that bloom when planted. Blessed Wings
Flutterby Gardens Live butterflies for release at any special occasion. Flutterby Gardens
Fragrant Acres Provides live butterflies for release at weddings and other special events. Ships in continental USA. Fragrant Acres
Butterflies Abound Butterfly releases and gifts for weddings and memorable moments. Butterflies Abound
Butterfly Nursery Live butterflies for release at celebrations and live larvae and rearing kits for school projects. Butterfly Nursery
Butterfly Kisses Supplier of Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies for release at all occasions. Butterfly Kisses
Island Rhythms Butterfly Farm Live Monarch butterflies are available for weddings, luaus, memorials, blessings and all special events. Island Rhythms Butterfly Farm
Greathouse Butterfly Farm, Inc. Find sales and contact information, services offered, pictures and news clippings, tips and tricks for caring for butterflies, and a FAQ. Greathouse Butterfly Farm, Inc.
Wings of Joy Offers special occasion release of butterflies for celebrations. Wings of Joy
Webb's Wings Butterfly farm and releases to help create lasting memories with hand-raised Monarch butterflies for special occasions. Webb's Wings
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