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Entomopraxis Books and supplies for insect workers. Entomopraxis
Australian Entomological Supplies Pty.Ltd Mail order entomological supplies specialists providing books and equipment for both the professional and amateur entomologist. Australian Entomological Supplies Pty.Ltd
Bioquip Products Supplies for the entomologist. Bioquip Products
Insect Net Web services for insect collectors. A place to buy, sell, and trade entomological specimens online. Free classified ads and discussion forum, and links to suppliers. Insect Net
Bugpuncher Insect preparation from a professional. Bugpuncher
Ornithoptera A trader of entomological equipment (pins, butterfly nets, forceps, spreading boards) and dried butterflies, moths, and insects from around the world. Ornithoptera
Russian Insects Sale of large selection of insect specimens from ex-USSR for collectors worldwide. Butterflies (Parnassius, Colias, Erebia, Oeneis, Melitaea, Clossiana and more) and beetles (Carabus, Cicindela, Cetoniidae and more) Russian Insects
Butterfly Art Designs Artistically arranged specimens of real butterflies and arachnids mounted in frames or acrylic domes. Butterfly Art Designs
Ianni Butterfly Enterprises Large selection of dried butterfly, moth, beetle, and other insect specimens as well as insect pins and entomology supplies. Ianni Butterfly Enterprises
Life Studies Ants and ant related supplies for use with ant observatories and science projects. Life Studies
Insect World Offers dead, dried, preserved insects for collecting, spreading, mounting and for private collectors. Insect World
The Bugmaniac Offering a large stock of dried and papered insect specimens and frames. The Bugmaniac
Entomological Research Publishers Books and specimens for sale. Site also contains insect exchange, and information about insect fairs. Entomological Research Publishers
Insect Sale Offers insects from around the world with an emphasis on Asia. Also offers exchange and trade. Insect Sale
Bugs on the Wall Offers tropical butterfly and other insect collections and collectibles. Bugs on the Wall
Butterflies by Brett Framed butterflies from around the world. Butterflies by Brett
Educational Science Manufactures and distributes science kits, novelties, and entomology kits and equipment. Specializes in live butterfly raising, breeding, and farming. Educational Science
Golden Phoenix Exotica Living insects and arachnids for sale. Golden Phoenix Exotica
Aesthetic Australian Insects Offers butterflies, beetles and other insect species of North Queensland, live and preserved. Also includes scientific papers and information about identification. [English and Japanese] Aesthetic Australian Insects
Bits and Bugs Offers insect frames, domes, and jewelry. Bits and Bugs
Insect Collective Offers mounted insects in frames. Insect Collective
Entomoravia Supplier of Austerlitz insect pins for entomology. Entomoravia
Arthropod Net Offers specimens and materials for insect and arachnid collectors. Arthropod Net
Bugs Gifts and Specials Offers ant farms and refills on ants food and habitat sand, insect habitats and silkworm city habitat and discovery kit. Bugs Gifts and Specials
AntLionFarms Live ant lions, farms, zen gardens, science project information. AntLionFarms
Insect Farming and Trading Agency Supplier of butterflies and other insects from Papua New Guinea. Insect Farming and Trading Agency
Praying Mantids Stick insects for sale and exchange in Europe. Praying Mantids
Rose Engineering Entomological equipment and supplies. Rose Engineering
AntsAlive.Com Live harvester ants to use in ant habitats and as food for horned lizards. AntsAlive.Com
Elytra and Antenna Offers hobbyist books on rearing insects and subscriptions to Invertebrates-Magazine. Elytra and Antenna
Mike's Magic Moths Information about rearing giant silk moths, with photographs. Cocoons and eggs of various species are sold. Mike's Magic Moths
Digital Dragonflies, Inc. Images, books, posters, garden items, 3D stickers, and other dragonfly-related merchandise. Digital Dragonflies, Inc.
Dr. Hildegard Winkler Entomology books and supplies. Dr. Hildegard Winkler
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