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Vertical Truth A series of books that apply the principles of music theory to the guitar. Vertical Truth
Guitar EncycloMedia This book is a comprehensive presentation of musical thought as it is applied to the guitar. They also offer Fretboard Flashcards, a tool for guitar and 4 or 5 string bass. Guitar EncycloMedia
Guitar Pro Manual Self-instruction manual offers text and illustrations. Guitar Pro Manual
Quick Start Guitar A book series for beginners to intermediate. Quick Start Guitar
Serious Guitar A guitar theory instruction book; by Michael Hoffman. Serious Guitar
Heavy Guitar Company Sells Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar, a title on how to become a blues/rock guitarist. Heavy Guitar Company
Guitar Master Advanced 3-octave method to improve speed, agility, improvisation, solo playing, and form. Guitar Master
Guitar-eze Description and order form for this title. Guitar-eze
Play Guitar by Ear Self-help guitar book for beginners. Play Guitar by Ear
500 Blues Licks A book with hundreds of licks in standard notation with corresponding easy tablature. 500 Blues Licks
Easy Guitar Lesson Simple method for learning and remembering the basic guitar chord progressions; for beginners. Easy Guitar Lesson
As-Good-As-It-Gets Guitar Instruction Sells three books for beginner to intermediate students. As-Good-As-It-Gets Guitar Instruction
Roy Chilton Music Description and order form for Pick guitar, a series of electric and bass guitar tuition books each with an accompanying CD. Roy Chilton Music
Mixta Publishing Co. Offers a Mariachi method book by a publisher dedicated to preserving the traditions of Mexican and Latino music. Mixta Publishing Co.
PlaneTalk the fretboard, presented in a unique comic strip format. PlaneTalk
Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar Frank Kilkelly offers his book and CD, which covers the art of accompaniment, tools for the job and a guide to tunings and styles. Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar
Easiest Way Guitar Method Beginners book with 2 CDs on how to play the essential guitar chords and strumming rhythms. Easiest Way Guitar Method
Yellow Guitar Books Learn how to play method book and 2 CDs, combines theory, fretboard diagrams, and practice plans. Yellow Guitar Books
Accent On Music Provides instruction books and videos for acoustic guitar which cover alternate tunings, fingerstyle, Leo Kottke, Paul Simon, blues, slide, jazz, and lead guitar. Accent On Music
Sound Connection Offers guitar workshop courses, that include both a book and a cassette, by author Ande Flavelle. Sound Connection
Chaz Hart Classical and electric guitar books, CDs and teaching aids by the artist. Chaz Hart
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