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Harford Reptile Breeding Center Specializes in Angolan, womas, jungle carpet and green tree pythons, leopard geckos, milksnakes and Brazilian rainbow boas. Harford Reptile Breeding Center
Captive Bred Excellence Specializing in exceptional patterned kingsnakes, milksnakes and leopard geckos. Captive Bred Excellence
Glades Herp Suppliers of reptiles and amphibians. Glades Herp
Python Pete Reptiles Specializes in breeding rare Australian pythons and dwarf monitor lizards. Python Pete Reptiles
Price Animal Company A number of Australian and Indonesian pythons, monitor lizards and geckos for sale. Price Animal Company
The Boa Barn Specializing in albino boas, Amazon Basin emerald tree boas, womas, yellow chondros and poison dart frogs. The Boa Barn
Turtle Man Dedicated to providing licensed alligator turtles for educational displays and for the serious reptile enthusiasts. Turtle Man
Aaron's Frog Farm Breeder of poison dart frogs and tangerine milksnakes. Aaron's Frog Farm
Don Hamper Reptiles Breeder of rare and endangered reptiles - including lizards, snakes, turtles and tortoises. Don Hamper Reptiles
SerpenCo Specializing in cornsnakes, while breeding a number of other colubrids and leopard geckos. SerpenCo
White Sands Reptiles Private breeder of geckos, corn and rat snakes, milksnakes, kingsnakes and western hognose snakes. White Sands Reptiles
The Serpents Lair Sells boids, colubrids, lizards and custom enclosures for reptiles. The Serpents Lair
Hanley's Herps Captive bred geckos, Hog Island boas and jungle carpet pythons. Hanley's Herps
Rare Earth Inc. Specializes in the captive propagation of rare and exotic snakes and lizards. Rare Earth Inc.
Hiss 'N' Things Florida based breeders of boas, pythons, colubrids and lizards. Hiss 'N' Things
Double D Reptiles Breeders and sellers of select snakes, lizards and other reptiles; including burmese pythons, spotted pythons, corn snakes and leopard geckos. Double D Reptiles
California Zoological Supply Wholesales reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies to supply zoos and the pet and film industries. California Zoological Supply
Henry Piorun Reptiles A Canadian reptile breeder specializing in the care, husbandry and propagation of pythons, boas and select colubrids. Henry Piorun Reptiles
Pro Exotics Inc. Dealer and breeder of pythons, boas, colubrids, lizards, monitors and geckos. Pro Exotics Inc.
VMS Professional Herpetoculture Dealer in reptiles. VMS Professional Herpetoculture
A1 Reptiles Breeders of lizards and tortoises. They also sell a large variety of food items, heaters, and other habitat related items. A1 Reptiles
Bluegrass Reptiles A selection of boas, pythons, monitors and chameleons. Bluegrass Reptiles
New England Reptile Distributors Breeders of a large variety of reticulated pythons, designer ball pythons, tortoises, lizards and frogs. New England Reptile Distributors
Exotic Pet Enterprises Breeder in Tucson, Arizona producing captive bred reptiles including tortoises, snakes, and geckos. Animals sold retail and wholesale, and shipped nationwide. Exotic Pet Enterprises
Deer Fern Farms Herpetoculture Breeders of spiny-tailed uromastyx, old world chameleons and select specialty reptiles. Deer Fern Farms Herpetoculture
Riparian Farms Breeder offering captive-bred turtles, tortoises, geckos, bearded dragons and monitors. Riparian Farms
Seaside Reptiles Chameleons, snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises for sale. Seaside Reptiles
Nature's Reptile Galaxy Dealing in amphibians, lizards, turtles, tortoises and invertebrates. Nature's Reptile Galaxy
Applegate Reptiles Breeder of many species of kingsnakes and milksnakes; also offers gila monsters and Mexican beaded lizards. Applegate Reptiles
Amazon Reptile Center Large assortment of amphibians and reptiles for sale. Amazon Reptile Center
Camlon Reptiles Specializes in breeding leopard geckos, ball pythons and boas. Camlon Reptiles
Wrapped Up in Reptiles Specializes in breeding and raising captive bred boids, corns, kings and geckos for pet stores and private collectors. Wrapped Up in Reptiles
Arizona Reptile Company Breeders of geckos, bearded dragons and corn snakes. Arizona Reptile Company
Hump's Herps Hobbyist/Breeder with a special interest in Asian ratsnakes. Hump's Herps
Martin's Reptiles Live reptile and various supply needs for amphibians and reptiles. Martin's Reptiles
Big Game Reptiles Breeder of many species of geckos. Selling reptiles that have been fully acclimated or captive bred at their facility. Big Game Reptiles
Center for Reptile and Amphibian Propagation Animals for sale. Site also has good care sheets for the animals they sell. Center for Reptile and Amphibian Propagation
Diamond Reptile Breeders Selling collected and captive-bred reptiles. Diamond Reptile Breeders
Great Valley Serpentarium Captive bred reptiles and a large variety of supplies for sale. Great Valley Serpentarium
Animals.Com Breeders and dealers of a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians. Animals.Com
Something for Everyone Reptiles Breeders of leopard geckos, corn snakes, ball pythons and jungle carpet pythons. Something for Everyone Reptiles
RMJ Reptiles Offers exotic reptiles for sale. RMJ Reptiles
Simply Shaaking Reptiles Private breeder offering snakes and feeder rodents. Simply Shaaking Reptiles
Exotic Reptile Jungle Importers and purveyors of reptiles and exotic animals from around the world. Exotic Reptile Jungle
Herpetological Institute for Scientific Study Captive bred boas, pythons, colubrids and leopard geckos. Herpetological Institute for Scientific Study
Snake Emporium Breeder and dealer of reptiles and amphibians. Snake Emporium
A and B Reptiles Breeders offering a selection of snakes and lizards. A and B Reptiles
Reptile Artistry Captive bred reptiles including kingsnakes, milksnakes, rosy boas, geckos and skinks. Reptile Artistry
Hall of Fame Reptiles Breeder of boas, pythons, cornsnakes, milksnakes and lizards. Hall of Fame Reptiles
Arboreal Ecstacies Dealing in captive-bred snakes, monitors, and chameleons. Arboreal Ecstacies
Pythons Direct Breeders and importers of ball pythons as well as many other species of reptiles. Pythons Direct
Patterson Reptiles Breeder of leopard geckos, Tucson bandeds, corns, ball pythons and rosy boas. Patterson Reptiles
Totally Reptiles Breeder of ball pythins and leopard geckos. Totally Reptiles
The Reptile Center Provides a varied collection of reptiles, amphibians, invetebrates and supplies. The Reptile Center
Strictly Reptiles, Inc. Wholesaler/importer/dealer of reptiles, amphibians and exotic animals to pet stores and zoos worldwide. Strictly Reptiles, Inc.
Casey Lazik Reptiles Offers pythons, geckos and albino blue-tongue skinks for sale. Casey Lazik Reptiles
PMHerps Breeder of small boas, colubrids and lizards. PMHerps
Exotic Pets Wholesale Wholesale dealer specializing in reptiles, amphibians, turtles, feeder rodents and insects. Exotic Pets Wholesale
D K Herps Offers captive bred reptiles including bearded dragons, leopard geckos, boas and pythons. D K Herps
Central Coast Reptiles Offers rare imported and captive bred reptiles. Central Coast Reptiles
Silver City Serpentarium Wholesaler and breeder of captive born and imported reptiles and amphibians. Silver City Serpentarium
Professional Breeders Supplying gila monsters, ball pythons, rosy boas, kingsnakes, milksnakes and hognose snakes. Professional Breeders
Exotic Tropicals Herpetoculture/Aquaculture Worldwide exporters of fish, turtles, tortoises, lizards and snakes from Barbados. Exotic Tropicals Herpetoculture/Aquaculture
Saurian Enterprises, Inc. Offers poison dart frogs, geckos and monitor lizards. Saurian Enterprises, Inc.
Arx Reptiles Breeder of multi-phased bearded dragons and corn snake morphs. Arx Reptiles
Chameleon Addict Panther, Nosey Be and Ambanja (cb) sales. Also offers custom 6 foot wall-less chameleon cages and misting systems. Chameleon Addict
Bion Terrarium Center Wholesale company dealing with import/export and breeding of reptiles, amphibians and small exotic animals. Bion Terrarium Center
Mark M. Lucas Reptiles Selling invertebrates, turtles and repltiles, with details of origins and available species. Mark M. Lucas Reptiles
Maximum Reptiles Selling captive-born and field-collected specimens. Maximum Reptiles
Captive Science Captive breeder of exotic reptiles for hobbyists and dealers. Captive Science
Alan Bosch Reptiles Breeder specializing in captive-bred ball pythons, boas, amphibians, various other snakes, turtles and lizards. Alan Bosch Reptiles
Niagara Reptiles Canadian breeder of various reptiles, specializing in Dwarf Monitors of the Odatria Subgenus. Niagara Reptiles
Quality Exotics Breeder of chameleons and poison dart frogs. Also sells supplies. Quality Exotics
Cyberaqua-Net Offers amphibians, reptiles, land invertebrates, supplies and books. Cyberaqua-Net
Thompson's Den Offers captive born and selectively imported reptiles, amphibians and arachnids. Thompson's Den
Crystal Palace Reptiles Supplier of snakes, lizards, tarantulas, frogs and insects. Crystal Palace Reptiles
Rancho de las Tortugas Breeders of snakes and lizards. Rancho de las Tortugas
Agama International Lizards Breeder of the Argentine tegus, Australian water dragons, lacertas, and tree frogs. Agama International Lizards
The Reptile House Breeder of reptiles and sugargliders. Also provide advice and rescues unwanted reptiles. The Reptile House
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