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LWC Books Dealers in martial arts, law enforcement and self-defense media. LWC Books
Turner Online Military Books Military unit histories. Turner Online Military Books
Derek Hayles Military Books UK bookseller with emphasis on British forces. Derek Hayles Military Books
Frank Cass Publishers History, Politics and International Relations, Military Studies (including Strategic Studies), Middle East Studies, Development Studies, Economics and Business, Law. Frank Cass Publishers
Russia Online, Inc. Distributors of Russian military topographic maps and handbooks on Russian military equipment as well as more general-interest information. Russia Online, Inc.
Company UK-based publisher and seller of military books and miniatures. Company
Things Military Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with a large inventory. Things Military
East Anglia Books Specialist in American aviation unit History in the UK. East Anglia Books
Quick Maneuvers Author/publisher of several works dealing with military subjects in WWII and after. Quick Maneuvers
Ray Riling Arms Books . America's oldest mail order arms books co. Specializing in new, used and out of print books on firearms, hunting, militaria and related subjects. Ray Riling Arms Books .
On Military Matters New Jersey-based dealer in new and used military books. Extensive catalog organised by period. On Military Matters
Military and Aviation Book Society UK-based book club offering a wide selection of discounted titles by mail order. Military and Aviation Book Society
Military Press Online military specialist based in the UK. Military Press
Bob Gardner Offers reproduction WWII German and Japanese surrender documents and a related book. Bob Gardner
Fortress Books Fortresses, castles and strongholds. On-line bookstore. Fortress Books
Idsa Books Sells firearms and militaria books. Idsa Books
Torpedo Junction Specialist in new and used Submarine and U-boat books. Torpedo Junction
Military Book Club US-based book club offering a range of military history and war books at discount prices. Military Book Club
Terence and Shirley Wise UK-based sellers of military history and wargaming titles. Terence and Shirley Wise
Pentagon Books Online sellers of US military manuals, on paper and CD-ROM. Pentagon Books
Public Record Office Bookshop Selling military-related books published by the UK's Public Records Office. Public Record Office Bookshop
Librarium Fine Books revolution, studies of tactics and uniforms. Based in The Hague, but buy and sell internationally. Librarium Fine Books
Abby Books Resellers of old books and representatives for Cornell Military Publications, who specialize in reprints for arms collectors and sellers. Abby Books
Europa Books Specialize in the military history of the German and Axis forces of WWII with particular attention on the foreign volunteer movement in the German Armed Forces. Europa Books
Jerboa-Redcap Books Offering a wide variety of new and used books covering British naval, military, aviation and general British history. Jerboa-Redcap Books
The Info Exchange Specialize in military firearm blueprints and 2D/3D schematics, as well as declassified military field and training manuals. The Info Exchange
Classical Crypto Books New, current and out-of-print books on cryptology, intelligence, and related fields. Classical Crypto Books
Byrrd Enterprises Distributer of military books to AAFES stores in US military establishments. Also sell direct to individuals. Byrrd Enterprises
Hersant Military Books UK-based dealer who cover all periods of military history. Hersant Military Books
Wet Dog Publications Features collectors books on firearms, specifically FN Browning firearms, all Browning pistol models and the Auto-5 shotgun. Wet Dog Publications
J Arms Booksellers Specialize in New, Used and Out of Print Books on Firearms Hunting, Militaria and Related Subjects. J Arms Booksellers
Military Ebooks Seller of military, survival, NBC and firefighter manuals on CD-ROM. Military Ebooks
MilitaryManuals.Com US militay manuals from Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coastguard, Nasa, Fema, on cd-rom. MilitaryManuals.Com
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